Pinterest Bootcamp

Course description

Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to my website! And it can be yours too!

If you are already creating content (or selling a product) it's such an easy and free way to get all that hard work out into a broader audience. And you can maintain your Pinterest strategy with just a few hours a week! 

Want to get started or get serious about using Pinterest to promote your business? Then sign up and get ready for Bootcamp! 

Pinterest Bootcamp is to get you to successfully use Pinterest as part of your social media strategy. Get quick action steps to get your account started and optimized.

Bootcamp Includes:

  • 6 quick action focused modules to get you the basics you need to have a successful Pinterest account.

  • A dedicated group Slack channel for accountability, feedback, and questions.

  • Bonus Tailwind walkthrough + checklists

You work through the modules at your own pace (should be about 30-45 minutes a day), and you will have access to Slack for accountability, feedback, & questions.

This course is meant to be done quickly and to offer you feedback, so don’t worry about getting it perfect, just get it done!

I will be showing you the exact steps I used to grow my Pinterest account to be my top driver of website traffic

Optional: After you complete the course schedule a one-on-one audit to get advice on strategy and make sure your account is optimized for your audience.

Mariah Tomkinson, MBA

Mariah Tomkinson, MBA

Strategic Business Coach

I run Bloom Hustle Grow where I offer coaching and consulting to female solopreneurs/entrepreneurs in all stages of business. My focus is to help you establish direction, actionable steps and processes to make the most out of your business. You should be running your business, and not feel like it is running you. I bring to the table an MBA and years of helping to figure out how to make programs and other opportunities work where there may not have been enough people, enough money, or a combination of both.

Course Contents

9 Videos

1 Survey

8 Texts

10 PDFs